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Brick and stone’s value and versatility are unmatched. Unlike stucco or siding, they maintain their worth year after year. And whether you choose antique, residential or architectural Рyou can expect quality and personal customer service with Ryder Brick.

Looking for curb appeal? Our authentic antique brick and street pavers will revive the look and appeal of your design from curb to roof top. More than 40 years of dealing in antique brick has enabled Ryder Brick to locate, reclaim, clean and sell brick thought to have exceeded its usefulness.

Remodeling? We are experts at brick and stone combinations. We can help you match your existing brick or stone for a seamless look. Contact Us for a free consultation.

Brick by brick – antique, residential, or commercial/architectural – Ryder Brick provides a distinguished selection and distinct quality for all your needs.

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